Use solar street light in summer, lightning protection skills are essential

//Use solar street light in summer, lightning protection skills are essential

Previously Juho Lighting introduced the different methods of maintaining solar street light in summer and winter, so we all know that different seasons have different notes for the maintenance of solar street light. To extend the life of street light and guarantee the good experience in the use process, we need to pay special attention to the maintenance of street light.

Summer is a season of thunderstorms, especially in the south. Therefore, in addition to waterproofing, we must also master lightning protection techniques of solar street light. Lightning is very dangerous, if it causes damage to street light, not only the road will be out of normal night lighting, but also certain economic loss will be caused.

1.Installation location

The solar street light mustn’t be installed on a place casually because of its special storage method. We should avoid the trees on the roadside as much as possible when installing street light, so that we can prevent trees from absorbing light and affecting the energy absorption of the panels during sunny days, and avoid the destruction of street light caused by the electrical conductivity of the trees.

  1. Lightning protection system

From the material of the solar street light, its outer body uses a conductor material, which is equivalent to a lightning rod. Besides that, it is also necessary to install the down conductor and the ground grid, which constitutes a lightning protection system. After the system is constructed, a lightning protection zone can be set up to form a high-quality protection device, which can protect the street light during thunderstorms.

  1. External installation

The solar street light itself can conduct electricity through the light pole, and conducts the current by the connection base, thereby achieving the effect of lightning protection. Therefore, when installing the street light, we must pay special attention to the handling of the base, ensure that it can discharge the current in time to protect the light in the thunderstorm.

  1. Internal design

The design of internal overvoltage protection can automatically start when the instantaneous voltage exceeds the withstand voltage, then protect the solar street light from lightning damage.

Before purchasing solar street light, we must ask clearly whether it’s with this design, because the street light can be protected better with it. Shenzhen Juho Lighting Technology Co., ltd. can provide you quality assurance products, welcome to purchase.

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