The necessity of choosing an LED light source for street lights – its advantages over ordinary light sources

//The necessity of choosing an LED light source for street lights – its advantages over ordinary light sources

In the past years, we have been using high-pressure sodium lamps as road lighting. In recent years, as new energy sources have been more and more popular, we have gradually replaced high-pressure sodium lamps with solar LED street lights. LED light source is energy-saving and environment-friendly, and also more economical for long-term run, but are these all the reasons why we choose it to replace high-pressure sodium lamp?

In fact, the LED light source has more advantages than the ordinary light source in the actual use effect. In other words, it is not only more energy-efficient, but also more convenient to use. Now let Juho Lighting do the analysis for you.

  1. Color temperature

The high-pressure sodium lamp exhibits a yellow-white color and a low color temperature, which results in a poor service for those streets where the illumination is more required. If the installation distance of the street lamps is reduced, the cost will be added. The LED light source is white light, and its color temperature can be flexibly changed between 4000 and 7000, which means it can provide more choices to actual needs.

  1. Color rendering index

The color rendering index of LED light sources is generally above 80, while it’s only around 20 for high-pressure sodium lamps. Obviously, the LED light source is closer to natural light and can offer better lighting effects.

  1. Angle of illumination

The high-pressure sodium lamp emits an angle of 360°. In most cases, it needs reflector to reflect the light source, then reach the designated area and achieve the illumination effect. But the LED light source’s illumination angle can be remain as the same as the lamp’s, simply speaking, most of the LED light source can directly illuminate the designated area.

  1. Activationtime

The high-pressure sodium lamp has a certain activation time, usually it takes about 5-10 minutes to work normally after power-on. If re-starting again after power off, it needs about 5 minutes. The LED light does not have this problem. It always can be turned on and start working immediately once activated, no need to wait. Then the solar LED street light can operate automatically after dark, which is more convenient and quicker.

It can be seen that in actual use, LED light source has more advantages than ordinary light source, which makes us more convinced that the advantages of using solar street light is that high-pressure sodium lamp can not compare with. If you need to buy solar street lights, welcome to contact us, we’re pleased to serve you.

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