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The main products of the company are all in one solar street light,solar garden lamp, monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon solar panels, home use solar energy power generation system, portable solar system, and other street lights products, etc.

About Torch Lighting Technology

Torch Lighting, as manufacturer of solar street lights , solar garden lights and led street light for 7 years, professionally providing smart solar street light proposal, to make sure more than 10 years lifepspan.

Why Choose Us

We know what solar lighting solution best suits your application, no matter the industry or geographic location. The availability and cost of energy, new infrastructure and many government financial incentives make solar the bright choice. We offer a broad array of solar powered LED luminaires that provide reliable performance and maintenance free operation, coupled with the long life of a solar power assembly.

Solar Power

Solar Power Systems sized for each project location. Every Torch Lighting solar power system is built to meet the requirements of the project using local solar isolation and length of night for worst case scenario operation for flawless operation year round.

LED Fixtures

High Powered LED Light Fixtures provide better light. Torch Lighting has a wide range of fixtures available to meet every project requirement. with excellent design and engineering teams, our solar lighting systems can easily adapt to your needs.


Custom Control Electronics provide light when you need it most. Our systems are designed with a standard set of controls to provide lighting as the project design parameters require and are always sized for winter nights for dusk to dawn operation.


Light Plan Engineering. Our on staff engineering team can help design your lighting  plan by using standard lighting levels and your digital files. From small signs to large parking lots, to complete developments, our engineers can handle it.



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40w all in one solar street light

30w solar street light for school lighting

all in one solar street light project

40w solar power street light in Shenzhen China

60w all in one solar street lights

40w solar street light for own use

30w integrated solar street light

All in one solar street light lighting up the dark