100W LED solar street light separate system

//100W LED solar street light separate system

100W LED solar street light separate system

1.Use high power LED as light source.
2. Low power consumption, simple structure, high brightness.
3. Long lifespan: Above 50,000 hours.
4. Low working voltage.
5. Quick respond time.
6. Environment friendly.
7. Applied with best LED-house.
8. Equiped with special optical lens, the light illumination is more higher.
9. Intelligent temperature controller and power supplier make the lifespan longer.

Application places:
Suitable for most of the streets, residential district road, industrial zone road, square, park, school, campus, farm, villas, gardens and other places of road lighting.



100W LED Solar street lights specification
LED: 100PCS Bridgelux chip
Panel: 2*100W mono solar panel
Battery: 25.6V 42AH LiFePO4 lithium battery
LED Driver: 100W Input AC100-265V Output: DC24V
Solar Controller: DC24V
Battery Working hours:12hours/Day,5-7rainy days
Net weight:47kg
Shape size:1470*673*43mm 640*400*342mm

This 100W solar light can run by battery or 220V, when the battery have enough power to run the light, the system run the light by battery, when the battery have not enough power, the system run the light by 220V automatically.