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  • Plan to buy rock price no flicker high quality 10 watts diy solar flood light homeworks with time control? Juho Lighting offer 7 days delivery 10 watts diy solar flood light which suitable for UAE, Indonesia, Ukraine, Dominican Republic, Angola and other countries, don't miss this deal ! The 10 watts diy solar flood light is a light that comes with 30 pcs Sanan or Epistar SMD5730 LEDs, giving you a lumen output of 300 lm. Thanks to its design, the fixture will illuminate at a 120 degrees angle, which is pretty decent and should have your home, garage, or shed entrance covered. It increases night time activity and gives a feeling of security. The feeling of security was one of human's natural needs. With a solar-powered 10 watts flood light, the user can move closer to achieving this need.  
  • Looking for special IP65 100w brightest led solar flood light for industrial mining lighting ? Shenzhen Juho Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd offer satisfying 100w brightest led solar flood light, suitable for UAE, Uzbekistan, Finland, Ecuador, Senegal and other countries, start to distribute Juho's great selection of lighting products today! At about 100 watts of power with 3500 lm output, this lamp is also more brighter than competitors which stated that their solar LED flood lights operate in the 200-250W range. It supports about 10 hours of working time on a good charge, which is reasonable for most areas. It might fade closer to dawn in some areas with worse sunlight.
  • Want to buy special offer Epistar LEDs high quality pole or tree mounted 20w flood light reflector solar led ? Juho Lighting offical website provide latest collection 20w flood light reflector solar led, it is suitable for Chile, Kuwait, Latvia, Nicaragua, Angola market and other countries, contact us today ! While it’s relatively dim at around 800 lumens, the fact that it lasts 10-12 hours is worthwhile in its own right. The remote control functions from about 20 meters away, which is particularly helpful if you’re installing this in higher areas and don’t want to climb up a ladder at night to modify the settings. Installation is a huge benefit for the 20w flood light reflector solar led. You will not have to spend hours wiring floodlights like you would have to with traditional electric LED floodlights. Because of little need for wires and connecting to another power source, solar energy is one of the best hands-free options on the market. You will save on your energy bill, too.    
  • Looking for great deal high color rendering index innovative 30 watts solar powered led flood light with motion detector ? provide custom package 30 watts solar powered led flood light with motion detector, suitable for Canada, Kuwait, Ukraine, Guatemala, South Africa and other countries, we accept T/T, Money Gram, Western Union, Paypal etc. Made from stainless steel and ABS material, the Juho 30 watts solar powered led flood light has a standard waterproof rating of IP65 which, to be honest, is enough for most outdoor lighting needs. Safety is another benefit of having our 30 watts solar powered led flood light. Without the need for electricity, you will be safe installing these types of lights near water like swimming pools, streams, and ponds.
  • Want to buy special offer heavy duty stylish 50w solar powered led flood light motion detector weatherproof ? Juho Lighting sell 100% quality guaranteed 50w solar powered led flood light suitable for Belgium, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Haiti, Botswana and other countries, contact us today ! The main feature for this 50w solar powered led flood light is the inclusion of a radar motion sensor. Unlike scheduled lamps, the motion sensor makes this product an excellent choice for irregular needs, such as lighting paths only when you walk through them. It’s also suitable for areas like playgrounds where minimizing costs is essential. The efficiency of the solar-powered 50w LED flood light can be endless as it runs on pure solar energy that can be very helpful in many ways. Helping you in providing a better energy source.
  • Want to buy cheap high power factor hot sale 80w solar flood lights with 8000lm high lumens for loading port,  Juho Lighting provide 7 days delivery 80w solar LED flood lights , suitable for United States, Pakistan, Malta, El Salvador, Morocco and other countries, Juho will always support your lighting business ! If you’re in need of an outdoor solar LED flood light that can cover plenty of ground, this might just be the right solar floodlight for you. It is a light with 2500 lm to make sure that you actually light up the area of your choice. Equipped with a motion sensor, this light can detect movement up to 15 meters in distance, but it can be adjusted for lengths of 5 or 10 meters as well. You can also select the number of seconds that you want the light to stay on when it detects human body movement (you can choose between 30, 60, or 120 seconds).
  • Want to find factory price dimmable customized ip65 5v solar flood light system 40 watts for far away roads lighting ? Juho Lighting offical website offer private package ip65 5v solar flood light system 40 watts, suitable for France, Laos, Luxembourg, Puerto Rico, Cameroon and other countries, contact us today ! The ip65 5v 40 watts solar flood light system has a very interesting and futuristic design. Despite it being a more budget-friendly option, it still packs all the specifications and features that make a light good. It comes with three adjustable modes that give you control about how the light acts in different situations. The ip65 5v 40 watts solar flood light system can be eco-friendly at any cost as it collects the rays from the sun so it does not require any type of burning or charging which can be very useful as electricity can be costly and has a negative aspect or impression on the environment as the carbon is burned when creating electricity.
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