All in one solar LED street lights use sunlight as their main energy source, so they can be installed as long as there is sufficient sunlight, and they are also called green products due to their advantages of no pollution. In addition, the all in one solar LED street light is a new energy street light designed with an efficient lighting source, and has the characteristics of high brightness, easy installation, stable and reliable operation, no cable installation, no consumption of conventional energy, and long service life.

However, if the all in one solar LED street light is broken, how should it be repaired?

First of all, test the core part of the all in one solar street light – solar street light controller. If it cann’t be turned on normally, the red light indicates that it is charging, flashing indicates that the power is full, and the yellow light indicates a loss of power. If the light cannot be turned on normally, it is necessary to check the battery voltage of the solar street light. If it is normal, the solar controller needs to be replaced.

Secondly, if it is not the failure of the solar controller, it is necessary to further inspect whether the solar panel can be charged normally. If it can not be charged, it shows that there is voltage but no current. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the connector of the solar panel is connected and whether the aluminum foil has current. If there is no current, it can be basically determined that the solar panel has been scrapped; if there is current, it should be noted whether there is a cover on the battery board or not which causing it cannot be charged.

Once again, test the all in one solar street light battery. Because the storage battery used by many manufacturers does not have the function of waterproofing, it may also cause the short-circuit of the battery after water penetrating , and cause the voltage to be unstable. Therefore, when testing, be sure to carefully observe the battery voltage changes with the depth of discharge, replaced if not properly.

Finally, detect whether there is damage phenomenon for all in one solar street lights. If its insulation is worn out, the current will also be transmitted through the solar light pole and cause the street light to be short-circuited. In addition, if the all in one solar street light also lights during the day, it may be that the controller components are burned out.