We’ve discussed the relation and difference of 26650 and 18650 cell, 26650 cell became more and more popular that because the electric vehicle growth rapidly.

Due to the driving mileage improvement of the range requirements, the battery management for automotive power batteries is getting larger.

We know that the Tesla Model S battery is composed of 7,104pcs 18650. It is an extremely complicated process for managing such a large battery, and the management is quite difficult. Because the number of cell used in EV batterry is reduced, the management of the battery management system (BMS) is reduced as well, so, the safety and life of EV batterry increases.

Compared with 18650, 26650 has its advantages of stable quality of cylindrical batteries, high level of production automation, good product consistency, and excellent heat dissipation performance. It also has the following advantages for battery packs.

High capacity
As the leader of the 26650 lithium battery, the first 26650 lithium battery manufacturer passed the national EV battery safety inspection certification and the first company launched 5500mAh capacity of 26500.
Generally speaking 18650 capacity is 2900-300mAh. Obviously, 26650 cell has capacity advantage .

Less cost
Because the volume is increased, structural changes, and other reasons, use less battery accessory materials, the cost will be reduced, and the production efficiency is higher than 18650 lithium batteries.
In terms of the lithium battery pack PACK cost, because of the same capacity battery pack, the number of 26650 cell use less.

Space less
So no matter from the structural accessories and battery management system (BMS), the management difficulty can be reduced, which can save cost and less space.
Because the number of cell is reduced for 26650 battery pack, the overall volume of the battery pack will also decrease after offsetting some of the diameter factors.